Science From the Madhouse, MP Andrew bridgen On Vaccine Policy
LEE SLAUGHTER / February 27,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army Andrew bridgen M.P. is a lone figure in the UK Parliament, the only one out of 650 Parliamentarians who stands strong for the truth about the towering excess deaths in the UK. He's been isolated, ridiculed and snubbed by the legacy media. Even bribery attempts have been made to silence him but his conviction holds him strong as he fights for the truth to be exposed. Slowly but surely he's winning the war against the Science from the Madhouse.
Maui The Land Theft Bill
LEE SLAUGHTER / February 26,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army Traci reports a new Eminent Domain bill for Maui that's literally flying through approval (as usual below the mainstream media radar) and robs Maui citizens of their right to own land under the name of redevelopment. This is a land grab.
The Historical Cycles of Tyranny
LEE SLAUGHTER / February 14,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army Tyranny has reared its ugly head many times through history. Empires have risen & fallen but like everything they have a pattern. In this age of corporate tyranny its essential to look back at the tyrannical models of history to try to project where we're headed… and how long it might take.
Anthony Webber Petition Forces Debate
LEE SLAUGHTER / February 14,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army The Governments are not acting in our interest… that much we know, but how much are they & the mainstream media shadowing public opinion. A LOT is the basic answer. Petitions are being ignored and wrongly suppressed. When it comes to foreign war debates are essential, especially when your government has elected to act partisan in those conflicts.
The Frontline in the Houses of Parliament
LEE SLAUGHTER / February 13,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army Warren Thornton recounts his visit and the ructions he and Andrew Bridgen caused in the House of Commons Debate last week.
Daily Show 7th Feb With Warren, Lee & Danny Roscoe
LEE SLAUGHTER / February 12,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army .
CBDC’s & Crypto Cons
LEE SLAUGHTER / February 07,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army PDF Link: https://ia804704.us.archive.org/35/items/pdfy--Pori1NL6fKm2SnY/The%20Creature%20From%20Jekyll%20Island.pdf
Scott Ritter, Wars & Warmongers
LEE SLAUGHTER / February 02,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Https://thefrontline.army Find Scotts work here: Https://scottritterextra.com In a candid interview Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector, opens up on the wars and the warmongers creating conflict. In a full and frank interview he points out who is to blame and what is needed to fix a broken America. From Ukraine to China, from France to the USA, Scott pulls no punches talking to The Frontline team.
Big Tech’s Trump Turnover
LEE SLAUGHTER / January 31,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Https://thefrontline.army The information is all out there, it's just that Lee Slaughter knows how to harvest it. The great election swindle is so simple for the big tech giants (Google in this case). They're manipulating you right now, even without Yuval Harari's dream 'chip implants'.
Major Intelligence, Preaching the Prather Point
LEE SLAUGHTER / January 31,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Https://thefrontline.army Find Jeffery here: https://jeffreyprather.com