World Elite Fully Exposed, They’re Done Being Nice.
LEE DAWSON / May 21,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.army X39 Patches: https://thefrontline.store It's deliberate, the lies have stopped working on many of us so they're behaving like they've won. As (Not My) King Charles reveals his blood stained official portrait, the WHO wrangle for one-world domination and millions of fighting age male migrants are distributed around the west to defend the cowardly elite and their tyrannical henchmen… it's all becoming blatantly obvious. If you've not seen it yet, you're in deep and drowning.
The Battle For Our Sovereignty
LEE DAWSON / May 17,2024
The tyrant class are in complete panic mode, plans to censor everyone are in full flow as millions wake up to the nonsensical aggression that's been piled onto us over the last 4 years. There is no hiding whats going on, we are heading towards full exposure… hence the elite panic.
McCullouch On Myocarditis. We’re At The Tip Of The Mortality Iceberg.
LEE DAWSON / May 03,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.army Somaderm Gel: https://thefrontline.store Dr. Peter McCullough has been fighting the pandemic pantomime since the beginning. He is one of the most informed professionals on the planet when it comes to the cause and effects of shot side effects. It's beginning to sound like a Tsunami of illness is about to sweep the globe. Plus: A more satyrical look at officials dancing around the unanswerable questions, USA corruption, vocal vegans and the Big Pharma Cultists.
WHO Climbdown, A Huge Victory For The People
LEE DAWSON / April 26,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.army The SuddenHealth Protocol: www.suddenhealthprotocol.com It had to come, with the news about the deadly amendments to the Pandemic Treaty spreading like wildfire on social media, they've had to soften it. So far 34 countries have turned down the dictatorial proposals on the IHR attached to the pandemic treaty. Including the out and out abolition of human rights, something we are legally born with. The Fact the WHO failed to present any of these details for public scrutiny has only raised suspicion. So, a massive shout out to the online warriors who've made this ridiculous power grabbing movement impossible.
Billions for Ukraine & The Middle East. Two Fronts In The Same Deadly War
LEE DAWSON / April 23,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.army The SuddenHealth Protocol: www.suddenhealthprotocol.com Congress have approved a 61 billion dollar package for war. Yes that's death & destruction on an epic scale in a move to keep all quiet on the eastern front until Biden manages to steal the next election. Strangely enough under the same bill they managed to ban TikTok - The biggest 'social' & societal threat to the new form of deadly communism we're now openly witnessing.
Public Shutdown After Bridgen’s Call For MRNA Ban Plus: Drowning Dubai
LEE DAWSON / April 19,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.army The SuddenHealth Protocol: www.suddenhealthprotocol.com Three main themes run through today's show with Lee & Dave:
Elites Panic As The World Awakens
LEE DAWSON / April 11,2024
Web: https://thefrontline.army The SuddenHealth Protocol: https://www.suddenhealthprotocol.com/ The tyrant class are just about throwing everything at us in the run up to the May vote on the Pandemic Treaty amendments. Are they quivering at the prospect of a failure? Did they realise they would be this exposed? Can they rely on the dwindling numbers of NPC's to get them through? It's crunch time in the information war and time to take part… Produce & share the hell out of the truth!
Treat Menopause and Get Back to Living a Full Happy Life - Paola's Testimonial
LEE DAWSON / April 09,2024
Find out more: https://suddenhealthprotocol.com/menopause Paola gives her testimonial after the three month Sudden Health Protocol course that has completely changed her life. The Sudden Health Protocol uses natural products only.
Trump, The Enemy Within + We The People vs. The Pandemic Treaty
LEE DAWSON / April 04,2024
Web: https://thefrontline.army The SuddenHealth Protocol: http://sudden.pro Trump has nothing to lose, he delivers a stern warning to America about the lethal enemy within. Plus, as Pandemic Treaty D-Day looms, the people begin to rise. Independent states go against the Biden regime and Mr Roger Walters delivers a mighty message to all of us. There's a people vs. migrant victory in the UK and an electric vehicle fire melts a bridge.
Putin's War Machine - How Formidable is The force Of Russia?
LEE DAWSON / April 03,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.army With Spring firmly on it's way are we looking at a Russian Offensive on Ukraine? A final push? Warren's information certainly suggest that possibility. But how mighty is the Bear... and should NATO be poking it at all?