Information War, The Field Of Battle Is The fight For Your Mind.
LEE DAWSON / February 29,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army A colossal fight is under way between the propaganda of the legacy media and the ever increasing number of independent media outlets speaking truths. The fight is on, the prize is your mind, the results unthinkable unless humanity prevails. It's time to get involved… share, like and create.
Shedding. Have we all been Vaxxed?
LEE DAWSON / February 28,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army As we mentioned a long time ago, the mRNA vaccine shedding theory is not just science theory, it's looking like science fact. Whether we like it or not our purely insane 'so called' leaders are authorising vaccination via water, air and food, let alone the effects the vaccinated all around us are having on our bodies. It's time to fight back with health & prevention.
Science From the Madhouse, MP Andrew bridgen On Vaccine Policy
LEE DAWSON / February 27,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army Andrew bridgen M.P. is a lone figure in the UK Parliament, the only one out of 650 Parliamentarians who stands strong for the truth about the towering excess deaths in the UK. He's been isolated, ridiculed and snubbed by the legacy media. Even bribery attempts have been made to silence him but his conviction holds him strong as he fights for the truth to be exposed. Slowly but surely he's winning the war against the Science from the Madhouse.
Their Only Goal Is To Make You Weak, So Fight Back
LEE DAWSON / February 13,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army As Cristin says, They want you too weak to climb the ladder and escape, it's that simple. Their biggest fear is you escaping the strangle hold, and the only way to fight back is to be fit, strong & healthy.
So, Who Are The Bad Guys?
LEE DAWSON / February 13,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army Is there an unusual clarity sweeping the world of independent media? Certainly the air of panic among legacy media outlets tells a familiar story that's beginning to shake the masses… At least those that can be bothered with world security. There's lots of opinion in the wake of Tucker/Putin and here Warren, James and Lee put it to bed with facts and brassy outspoken truths.
World Expert Exposes How The Covid Fraud Destroys Lives
LEE DAWSON / February 10,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army If anyone is qualified to comment on viral infection and respiratory disease - Professor Angus Dalgleish is it! He reveals the evil deception and harmful intent behind the Covid fraud, lockdowns and the vaccines.
They Don't Want Peace, Doctors Speak Out
LEE DAWSON / February 09,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Web: https://thefrontline.army In the wake of Tucker's interview with Vladimir Putin, is it obvious that NATO and the west just don't want peace? Meanwhile the backlash on Tucker is huge! Uk Doctors & nurses start to speak out about the effects of the state injectables and Vivek announces how he'd like to handle the Davos Demons.
Could Nuking The Planet Stop Global Warming?
LEE DAWSON / February 02,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Https://thefrontline.army Yes they have thought of it, these absolute psychopaths that need removing immediately. Let's face it, as the world awakens the ruling elite may have to run, and there's nowhere to go. You have to ask the question... What would they have to lose?
NATO & The New World Order in 2024
LEE DAWSON / January 30,2024
Visit: https://thefrontline.store Https://thefrontline.army As we slide into 2024 the goals of the elite get clearer and clearer, the global unions that wage against us forge obvious strategies and care less and less about what is exposed. Lee, warren & Lee join the dots on the global scale.